Udzungwa mountains national park is a decent sized conservation area which runs to an impressive 1900 square kilometres in the Southern Region of Tanzania.

The UdzungwaMountains is an area of extreme ecological importance, one of Africa’s rare islands of endemism, whose tropical forests harbor a huge range of rare species.

The areais very little visited and offers some interesting hiking routes into the mountains.

Udzungwa Mountains National Park is perhaps Tanzania’s most important sanctuary of terrestrial biodiversity. Udzungwa has many other mammals and maybe safari is not typical safari game you’d expect of Tanzanian National Parks.

The main potential downsides in Udzungwa Mountains are that the reasons to visit are rather subtle, the flora and fauna are difficult to access and appreciate, the wildlife very scarce, hiking conditions are tough, the main access areas are encroached upon by human habitation and commercial farming. The area is not easily built into most trips and has a very limited choice of accommodation.

The park is located south-west of Dar es Salaam bisected by a major road, which detracts slightly from its feeling of wilderness, but does make it easy to reach by vehicle.
The distance of 350 km/215 miles five hours from Dar es Salaam.
Size of 1,990 square kilometres.

When to visit
Udzungwa can be visited possibly all year round although slippery in the rains.
The dry season is June-October
Seasons are unpredictable be prepared for rain anytime.

Hiking and trekking from a two-hour hike to the waterfall and camping safaris.
Game drives
Local cultures survey the safaris to offbeat destinations can be arranged

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